Extending Grace

Charis House is for women and children experiencing a homeless crisis.

Imagine being homeless and unable to provide for your children. That’s the reality for a growing number of women and children in our community. At Charis House, these women not only find relief from homelessness, but they’re also able to heal and move forward. Our restorative programs equip them to find jobs and housing, navigate life’s challenges, experience emotional stability and grow in their relationship with Christ.




Short-term residential program, typically 3-6 months. Long-term residential program, typically 12-18 months. Intensive services enable women to move past root causes of homelessness.

Women’s Ministry

Focuses on recovery from trauma, addiction and self-defeating choices. Includes education in parenting, anger management, life skills, goal setting, job readiness and spiritual growth.

Children’s Ministry

Designed to stop the generational pattern of homelessness. Focuses on life skills, character building, spiritual development and educational enrichment.


No age limit for children. All Charis House programs are free of charge and attend to the whole person, meeting spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs.

431 Fairmount Place, Fort Wayne


Mailing Address
Charis House
PO Box 11116
Fort Wayne, IN 46855-1116