My name is Shane and I was born and raised in Fort Wayne. At age 14 I became fascinated with the effects that marijuana and beer had on me. I later got into pills and was incarcerated at the Indiana Boys’ School in Plainfield twice - in 1990 and 1992.

In 1997, after my brother was murdered, I turned to the bottle for comfort. By 2002 my drinking had become an obsession and I went to prison for failing to pay child support. After I got out I was imprisoned twice more because of my drinking. Within a month of my release in 2006 I was homeless.

I began living under bridges, and in 2010 I was stabbed during a drunken brawl and nearly bled to death. In September of that year I came to The Rescue Mission in total defeat. Now, in March of 2012, I’ve been sober for 17 months, I’m a graduate of the Long-Term Program at Restoration House, and I’m in contact with my children.

I owe The Rescue Mission and all its donors my life. It’s through your generosity and and God’s abundant grace that lives are changed.

"I owe The Rescue Mission and all its donors my life."