You helped Jen learn to love life. 

My name is Jen, and I’m a survivor.I was born to an addict mother. She abandoned me at the hospital when I was two days old. My dad raised my brother and me, who were very close.

All I ever wanted was to feel loved and accepted. But my life was filled with pain and rejection. I was molested by uncles and cousins starting at an early age. When I finally had enough courage to tell a trusted adult, I was told to not cause problems. So, I kept it in and endured the abuse for years.

As an adult, my relationships were very unhealthy. I always picked the “bad boy” who I thought I could fix. The physical abuse started out as a shove or a slap, and culminated with a beating with a baseball bat that left me with permanent nerve damage. The brother that I loved so dearly committed suicide. I was completely broken, depressed, lost and literally had no place to go.

I called The Rescue Mission. With the encouragement of staff, I entered the Long-Term program to heal from my past. It was then that I turned my life over to God. I have learned to love and trust Him. I have found the love and acceptance I had always longed for.

I look forward to living a full, joy-filled life! To continue to let God lead me. I’m excited to find my own place, get a job and be independent. I look forward to having fun with my kids. And being a role model to people that God puts in my life. I would like to volunteer here so that I can help other women, letting them know that they can be survivors, too. 

If you take just one thing from my story, let it be this… you are not alone. You can overcome. Invite God into your life, call on Him and praise Him daily. And don’t ever be afraid to call out for help.

I want donors to know how grateful I am to them. Because this program is designed for my children and I to be together throughout the process, I was able to heal from my past while keeping my family together. This program wouldn’t be possible without your support. Thank you!