Angel knew she needed a change in her life. She had lost her job, had been evicted from three places, and wanted a better life for herself and her children. She came to Charis House, striving to stay sober. 

“One day in group counseling, I was asked to write my mission statement,” Angel recalls. "It was to build a firm foundation through my faith in God, and to fulfill the plan that He has for me on how to set good healthy boundaries. Raising my children the way He wants me to. Fill my life with independence, knowledge, courage, and faith so that I can be the woman of God He intended for me to be. 

“Little did I know I was writing a prayer to my Father in heaven and He heard every word loud and clear!” 

“Angel is a woman of quiet strength and perseverance. She is a great mother who demonstrates patience and nurturing with all of her beautiful children,” says Toni Lovell, Program Director. 

Angel graduated from the Long-Term program in May. “Charis House has given me back things I had forgotten about. Like love. The fact that I matter. I’m a worthy person, loved by God. They taught me about having grace and giving grace. And being a mom is not a chore, it’s an amazing blessing.”