Married And Living In A Van

Christmas has come and gone. For many this was a welcomed and joyous day. For others, it was another day with the same concerns of finding a place, food and hope.

Recently, I ran into a married couple, Jaimie and Joseph. “We're living in our van,” they said to me. Their reality broke my heart.  Our Life House team and I started to find community resources for this couple.  They had been living on Joseph's disability income, and when medical bills became overwhelming, they had to make the choice to stop paying the rent that was beyond their means.

I am happy to report to you that we found them temporary housing and will be making room for Jaimie at Charis House and Joseph at Life House.  He struggled with not being with her, but I convinced him that living in a van was putting her in harm’s way.

The people we serve are making hard choices like this every day.  Thanks for giving us the extra help to provide shelter and hope for those who are feeling overwhelmed by life.  Your support is making a difference in Jaimie and Joseph’s life, and the lives of many others.

Their word to me recently was "thanks".  My word to you is "thanks".  Together we are changing lives for good.

Pastor D