Five Urgent Needs

"Here I was with no place to go. Nowhere to take my children.
I walk into Charis House, and it's just so beautiful.
It didn't feel like a homeless shelter. It felt like a home."
- former Charis House resident

At The Rescue Mission, we make a point to treat each and every hungry and homeless person with dignity. 

So what does dignity look like? Dignity can be found in small things, like a sturdy chair to sit on during chapel. Dignity can also be found in larger things, like walking on a clean floor.

Our life-changing work never stops, but it does take a toll on our facilities. We have five urgent needs that, if met, could make all the difference in the world to our residents.  

Your gift today can help restore the dignity that everyone deserves.

NEED #1: Charis House Flooring
There are many joys to having lots of children at Charis House, but the carpet in the living areas certainly takes a beating.

NEED #2: 50 Chairs for the Chapel
The Rescue Mission's chapel at 301 W. Superior is used for worship services, commencements, classes, and meetings, multiple times throughout the day. Many of the current chairs have been repurposed several times over the years and are broken.

NEED #3: 70 Mattresses
By serving more than 1,000 unique individuals in our residential programs each year, a number of our mattresses badly need replaced. The mattresses we order are specific to our needs, meeting flammability standards and are covered with a special bed-bug-proof closure.

NEED #4: HVAC Unit Covers
Children are often the cause of wear-and-tear in a home. Imagine what it's like at Charis House! Many of the HVAC Unit Covers are broken and need replaced, as broken ones may be a safety hazard.

Need #5: Emergency Lighting at Charis House
One of our most expensive needs is emergency lighting at Charis House. In order to stay up-to-code, all of our indoor emergency lighting must be updated.